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Security Lead Architecture für Outsourcing bei einer Großbank


Mainframe, IT-Provider, Bank, Security

global Platform Security Team for Infrastructure Operations at a (premier global Bank), Eschborn, Germany


2016 - 2019/03

Arbeit als Security Lead Architekt bei einer Deutschen Großbank im Outsourcing-Umfeld

I&A related:

  • Approval procedures for critical privileges of vendors 

  • consulting and supporting of the development of application related role models 

PAM related

  • Lead Solution Architect for a PAM solution (in production now)

Mainframe / RACF related:

  • Support for the Audit Response-Team regarding information requests in regulatory driven audits. 

  • Design of solutions to remediate violations in security state monitoring

  • Support for the application owners regarding mainframe security topics.

  • updating the architectural blue prints for encryption and digital certificates

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