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Vertretung des Security Governance Managers bei einer Deutschen Großbank


Outsourcing, Security, IT-Governance, Bank

(GT Retail Production at a premier global Bank), Eschborn, Germany


2013 - 03/2019

Steuerung des IT-Dienstleisters IBM für eine Deutsche Großbank in Vertretung.

I&A related:

  • SAM Enterprise administrator for several Org-Units owned by customer or vendor

  • recertification of access privileges for IBM not covered by role models

PAM related

  • design and implementation of detective controls for privileged activities by the vendor

  • Review and Approval  of Policy documents for Privileged Access.

Mainframe / RACF related:

  • evaluation and improvement planning of z/OS security state monitoring (zSecure Audit).

  • evaluation and improvement planning of z/OS event state monitoring (zSecure Alert).

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